New Heritage

Heritage Inkjet Papers | Discover the Unique Textures

Transform your photos into masterpieces with the special textures and impressive paper range of PermaJet Heritage Inkjet Papers.

These new premium papers are made from 100% cotton fibers and are free from optical brighteners (OBA free). These qualities make them the ideal choice for any fine art project that demands the highest level of longevity. With the unique surfaces and textures of the Heritage papers, you can choose the perfect paper for you.

The Heritage papers offer a variety of unique surfaces and textures that have been specifically designed to meet your needs for the perfect paper. As an artist and photographer, you will be amazed by the vibrant colors, accurate reproduction of grayscale, and unparalleled portrayal of light and shadow.

Which surface suits your photo best? A smooth, silky paper or a delicately textured one? The choice is yours! But if only the best is good enough, then PermaJet Heritage Inkjet Papers are the truly exceptional choice.

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