Protection filters

Why UV Filters or Protection Filters?

  • reliably protection for the lens from damage
  • absolutely color-neutral
  • inexpensive and high quality

Clear/Protection Filters

A protection filter is about protecting the lens from dirt, dust or other harmful influences. The protection filters only consist of clear glass and therefore have a negligible influence on the incidence of light. With protection filters you have a high-quality filter that protects your lens and you can exclude negative influences on the image quality of your photos.

UV Filters

A UV filter, UV blocking filter or haze filter, is an excellent universal filter for better pictures and also always offers protection against external influences in front of the lens such as dust and sand but also knocks and bumps.

The haze caused by UV radiation and its strong scattering, as well as a bluish cast in e.g. long-distance photos are eliminated or neutralized by the UV filter. The UV filter are absolutely neutral in color! Your photos will be clearer and sharper!

Are you looking for a UV or protective filter for your camera?

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