Distance rings/empty frames

More Flexibility for your Lens | Empty Cartridges and Distance Rings

  • Extend the distance between filter and lens
  • Made from brass, matte, black
  • Made in Germany, precision-engineered and highly stable

With distance rings, also known as empty cartridges or filter extenders, you can increase the distance between your lens and filter. Thanks to these handy assistants, you can use larger attachments without worrying about them hitting your front lens. The rings are made from durable, matte black brass and have been precision-engineered. Made in Germany, they impress with their stability and longevity. The extension distance ranges from 5 to 8 mm, depending on the diameter. The rings have the same diameter on both the front and back sides. The front features an internal thread, while the back has an external thread, allowing for quick mounting.

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