UV filters

  • color neutral filter glass
  • Blocks disturbing UV shares of the daylight
  • No extension factor

The UV blocking filter, also called haze or haze filter is not only an outstanding universal filter for visible improvement of shooting in all types of film, but should always remain as a protection against external influences front of the lens. It absorbs when recording the short-wave component of the interfering scattered light, so that at present extractor a more differentiated reproduction of the environment is possible. The induced by UV-radiation and its strong scattering blur, as well as a bluish to design rendering (bluish), in remote images are eliminated by the colorless UV filters or neutral damped. An exposure extension is not required. In digital cameras, this filter can be used as a protective filter. Because the sensor as opposed to the eye to UV radiation is still remarkably sensitive, it is the diffuse UV radiation in the image as a blue veil again. UV blocking filter can no UV radiation, and helps to more detailed and colorful picture with natural colors, especially in the high mountains and the sea, where the UV radiation is particularly intense.

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