EFI Proof

EFI Proof Papers: Precision and Quality for Color-Accurate Proofs

EFI Proof papers are specially designed papers widely used in the digital printing and color-proofing industry. They are known for their high quality and precision and are used to create color-accurate proofs for printing. EFI Proof papers offer excellent color reproduction and consistency to ensure that the printed result matches the desired appearance. They are available in various surface coatings and weights to meet the requirements of different printing applications.

These papers are produced by Tecco. Tecco is an innovative partner of EFI, formerly known as BEST GmbH, and designs premium proof, photo, and production media for various applications. Through close collaboration, high-quality products are created that meet the highest quality standards. The extensive range includes Fogra and SWOP/GRACOL-certified papers, equipped either with EFI or Fogra/EFI backprint. The contract proof papers meet ISO-standard proofing standards and enable perfect simulation of all relevant paper types and printing conditions.

These papers are optimized for use on proofing systems and offer high print quality and good ink absorption. EFI Proof papers are commonly used in the prepress, packaging, publishing, and advertising sectors. They are ideal for creating color-accurate proofs, presentations, mock-ups, and other printing applications that require high color accuracy and quality.

If you are looking for high-quality proof papers specifically designed for demanding printing requirements, EFI Proof papers are an excellent choice. They provide reliable print quality and ensure that your colors are reproduced accurately and precisely.

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