Adapter Ring | Step-Up Rings

Adapter Ring | Step-Up Rings

Discover the versatile usability of step-up rings - the perfect accessory for your camera lenses!

You surely want to enjoy full flexibility when using filters and lens attachments. With step-up rings, you can increase the diameter of the lens thread and use filters with a larger diameter than your lens.

Why should you choose our step-up rings?

  • Perfect Adaptation: Our step-up rings allow you to increase the diameter of the lens thread, enabling you to use filters with a larger diameter than your lens - without buying new filters!
  • High-Level Compatibility: Our step-up rings are compatible with a variety of camera lenses, allowing you to seamlessly use filters with different diameters. No worries about whether the filter fits your lens - compatibility is guaranteed with our step-up rings.
  • Easy Handling: Using our step-up rings is incredibly simple. You just need to select the appropriate ring for your lens and screw it on. This way, you can easily use filters with larger diameters and expand your photographic creativity.

Imagine you have a lens with a diameter of 52mm, but you want to use a 67mm filter. Instead of buying a new lens, you can simply use a step-up ring. This handy ring has a smaller diameter thread (52mm outer thread) on one side and a larger diameter thread (67mm inner thread) on the other side. You simply attach the ring to the lens and then easily screw the larger filter onto the ring.

The step-up rings are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose them according to your filters and lenses.

Discover the practical solution of step-up rings and enhance the compatibility of your equipment! With these useful accessories, you can increase the filter size of your lenses and thereby utilize a wide range of filters and lens attachments without having to purchase separate filters for each lens.

Get your step-up rings now and unleash your photographic creativity! Be creative, save money, and create impressive shots with step-up rings!

Simply use the "Filter" function to quickly find the appropriate step-up ring: Just select the desired diameters of the filter and lens and display the suitable step-up rings.