Digital Photo

PermaJet Digital Photo: Perfect Quality on Inkjet Paper

Which photographer or artist doesn't dream of capturing their works on paper in perfect quality?

With PermaJet "Digital Photo" inkjet papers, this is now possible! Not only are these papers 100% compatible with the latest inkjet printers, but they also offer a creative selection of photo, graphic, and poster printing media.

But that's not all! The bright white papers are coated to enable a wide color gamut and exceptionally high DMAX. This means that your images will be printed with impressive sharpness and clarity, retaining the dynamic look and desired feel they deserve. PermaJet Digital Photo papers are available in popular inkjet variations such as gloss, semi-gloss, oyster, and matte. So you always have the perfect choice for every use. Whether you prefer sharp images with vibrant colors or a more subtle matte appearance, PermaJet has the right paper for you.

And the best part? Since these papers are suitable for professional use, the necessary ICC profiles for your printer are provided free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your works the dynamic look they deserve with PermaJet Digital Photo papers.

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