Wooden tripods

Wooden Tripods | Stable, Vibration-free, and Dampening

Wooden tripods are perfect for those seeking a stable and vibration-free support system. German manufacturer Berlebach specializes in wooden tripods with legs made from ash wood, meeting the highest standards of stability and vibration damping. Wood is the material of choice when it comes to minimizing vibrations and avoiding micro-vibrations. As a result, Berlebach tripods are exceptionally low in vibrations and resistant to vibrations, which is particularly invaluable for DSLR photography. This ensures that even the smallest vibrations do not affect the camera image. Additionally, the ash wood legs effectively dampen vibrations from the ground. Thus, Berlebach wooden tripods are ideal for those reliant on absolute stability and tranquility in their shots.

Whether for long-exposure astrophotography, panoramic shots, or filming, Berlebach tripods are your reliable companions for every photographic adventure.

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