2-Way or 3-Way heads

Perfect Alignment in All Angles | 2-Way or 3-Way Heads for High Precision

With a 3-way head, you have the ability to tilt and align your camera in different angles and directions. This tripod head comes with three separate handles that allow you to individually adjust the vertical (up and down movement), horizontal (side movement), and lateral tilt (rotation movement). With these independent control elements, you can perfectly align your camera in various positions. The 3-way head is a versatile tripod head that finds its application in photography, videography, film shooting, live streaming, and many other areas.

The use of a 2-way head in photography is more limited. It only restricts the camera from being brought into portrait mode. Therefore, it is often only used with video tripods or monopods, where tilting in portrait format is less relevant.

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