Close-up lenses/Achromat

Small Things, Big Impact | Explore New Perspectives with Close-Up Filters

Discover fantastic worlds in the small. With close-up filters, you can explore new subjects in an affordable way. Similar to reading glasses, close-up filters shift the focus range into the close-up zone, creating an impressive effect. The higher the diopter and focal length of the lens, the stronger the effect. For shorter focal lengths in digital photography, stronger close-up filters are recommended.

The effect is described by the magnification ratio. A ratio of 1:3 means that an object is captured on film or sensor at one-third of its actual size. Close-up filters are simple tools that are particularly suitable for three-dimensional objects like flowers and for close-up photography. However, they are less suitable for technical reproduction purposes. If you want to improve sharpness and depth of field, it is recommended to stop down. With close-up filters, you need to manually focus, as autofocus is not possible.

Achromatic close-up filters are attachments for close-up photography specially designed for technical purposes. They are characterized by their sharp edge-to-edge image quality. If you specialize in macro photography, achromatic close-up filters can be an interesting option. Unlike bellows or extension tubes, which extend the exposure time, achromatic filters do not require their own extension factor as they can be simply screwed into the lens filter thread. The result is a bright viewfinder image and the possibility to capture handheld shots without blur in the close-up range. These lightweight attachments are hardly larger than a filter and fit into any camera bag - perfect for travel or mountain tours.

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